DisLedger is the incredibly fast and completely private architecture for enterprise Distributed Ledgers
Key Characteristics
DisLedger provides enterprise-scale distributed ledger technology to tackle the toughest use-cases.
Distributed yet private
DisLedger provide fast, secure processing without sharing data with third parties. Only the parties to a transaction ever see the data.
DisLedger's concurrence process provides a non-repudiable record of all transactions but at incredibly high speeds. It's built for large financial institutions' payments and capital markets systems.
Perfect Recordkeeping
Provides real time visibility of an organization's assets across all counterparties, asset types, exchanges, and OTC transactions.
High Speed
DisLedger processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per second compared to 5-10 tps for public blockchains. This is the scale that enterprises require.
Enterprise-ready Technology
DisLedger's technology is designed for the enterprises operating in industries such as:
Financial and Capital Markets
Internet-Of-Things micropayments
High-speed Transactional Systems