Fast, Private, Scalable
DisLedger® is a non-blockchain Distributed Ledger providing enterprise clients with unmatched speed and privacy
Key Characteristics
DisLedger supports some of the world's largest companies with enterprise scale distributed ledgers.
Distributed yet private
DisLedger provide fast, secure processing without sharing data with third parties. Only the parties to a transaction ever see the data.
DisLedger's concurrence process provides a non-repudiable record of all transactions but at incredibly high speeds. It's built for large financial institutions' payments and capital markets systems.
Perfect Recordkeeping
Provides real time visibility of an organization's assets across all counterparties, asset types, exchanges, and OTC transactions.
High Speed
DisLedger processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per second compared to 5-10 tps for public blockchains. This is the scale that enterprises require.
Token Sale
DisLedger's Ethereum address:
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Token Launch Whitepaper Token Launch Whitepaper - click here to read the details on the technology and the DCL tokens
Sale End Date 31 October 2017
Token Supply Total supply of 30 million DCL tokens, distributed in 1,000 IP licenses per token, provides 30 billion transactions or one year’s estimated usage of the DisLedger architecture. There is a hard cap of 4.5 million DCL during the token sale representing 4.5 billion IP licenses.
Distribution Distribution is expected to occur between 5-8 November.
Launch Price $30.00 per token at launch, a 57% discount from the $70.00 list price.
Token Rights The DCL token is a per-transaction, intellectual property license to utilize the DisLedger architecture. No security interest is offered or implied.
Token Type ERC20
Decimal Places 3 digits; each DCL token represents 1,000 transactions; e.g. 0.001 DCLs provides the license for one transaction on a DisLedger system
Documentation Token Purchase Agreement - click here to read the legal agreement covering the token sale (Residents of Japan, South Korea, and China are not eligible to participate at this time.)
Exchanges Exchanges that list the DCL token after launch will be posted here.
Enterprise-ready Technology
DisLedger's technology is designed for the enterprises operating in industries such as:
Financial and Capital Markets
Internet-Of-Things micropayments
High-speed Transactional Systems
Customer Base
DisLedger has worked with some of the largest technology providers, Fortune 500 companies, and financial institutions in the world to deploy the DCL architecture, including:
The DisLedger Team
We brought together a group of experts that are the best in their respective fields to launch DisLedger. As we expand globally we plan to hire support staff to assist our customers deploying DisLedger systems. DisLedger's contributors include: 6 developers for the smart contracts, 2 lawyers for regulatory review, 2 lawyers for patents, 3 developers for the demonstration code, a UI/UX designer, and consultants that connected us to large potential customers. Additionally, the large clients that we've worked with over the past two years have had their own experts in: sales, program management, software development, and systems engineering evaluate the technology.
Dan Conner - President
Aram Barnett - Technical Advisor
Rajesh Virassamy - Technical Advisor