DisLedger® - Distributed Concurrence Ledger

Enter a cash equities transaction between parties A and B (referred to as A:B). DisLedger processes the transaction privately between the two counterparties. The throughput of the system scales directly with the number of counterparties one interacts with so the speed of one transaction and the overall throughput of a 100 member network will be shown. This version runs in javascript within your browser, but even in this form it is very fast. To replicate a real world load on the system the code produces 1,000 transactions adding 1 to the quantity each time. Copyright © 2017 DisLedger Ltd. patent pending

Data Entry

Counterparty Ledger


Prime Ledger

Enter a cash equity transaction and 1,000 transactions will be generated.

Quantity Asset Total Value Currency Hash
Quantity Asset Total Value Currency Hash

The Net Balance for all the transactions between counterparties A and B during this session

Value Name

The Prime Ledger for organization A showing the realtime balance of all of A's assets. This table includes data from other counterparty ledgers for A:C and A:D stored in the demo. In production the Prime Ledger will contain all of the asset balances from every counterparty with whom A interacts.

Summation Asset